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Dosing Needles DropTips


Drop Tips dosing needles are certified silicone free and are subject to strict quality controls throughout the manufacturing process.

Characteristics :
– No mold residue, burrs or contaminants that may affect the uniformity of dosage.

– The inner diameters, lengths and colors are consistent from one type of needle to the other.

– The boxes labels have reference numbers, batch and production for traceability.

– All needles are available in 24 hours.

– Packaging in boxes of 50 or bulk bag


Boite Aiguilles PreciDrop DropTips

Perfectly straight stainless steel

aiguilles-droites-inox droptips

Standard stainless steel metering needles are intended for removal of a wide variety of fluids and applications.

Conical needles

aiguilles-coniques droptips

Designed for medium viscosity fluids with high, conical needles enable fast and consistent deposits products. They are especially recommended for the removal of thick products or charged particles.

Flexibles needles

aiguilles-droites-inox-4051552 - Copie copie 2

These needles have flexible rods made of polypropylene that can be cut to size for access hard to reach areas.

Precisely Bent Stainless Steel

aiguilles-courbé droptips

Bent stainless steel dosing needles are available with 45º and 90º curves.

Brush needles


These brushes allow needles to spread glue and grease.

Precision Needles

aiguilles-precision droptips

The conical shape of these dosage needle allows the fluid to flow more easily, with losses of very reduced and progressive loads.

Oval needles


The oval needles facilitate the removal of thick fluids like pastes, sealants and epoxies adhesives.

Needles in poplypropylene and P.E.

aiguilles-droites-inox-4051552 - Copie copie 2

These needles are designed for optical media. The quick and clean cut reduces dripping.