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Due to a high performance linear actuator, the PreciFluid® metering dispenser perform a linear progression of the piston in contact with the fluid. The screw activated by the step-by-step motor has a high precision machining and is linked to the piston thanks to a patented connection system.

The system also offers a high pushing capacity going beyond 500,000 cps with a torque multiplication.
The depositing cycle consists in the forward movement of the piston in a defined volume and speed, a parameterized mechanical drawback which performs a backward movement of the piston PistonDrop.

A pause can be programmed between the forward and the backward movemen. Working delay can be programmed in order to be alerted at the end of the process (for example, this can be useful during the application of a two-component product with a limited operating time).

Manual Use


Each pulse (pedal or PLC control finger contact) the dispenser performs a deposition as the saved settings of the active program


A sequence is a series of programs (same or different) spaced a programmable time.


As long as the cycle is activated by the pedal or switch, the machine table dispense at a defined speed. When stopped, a drawback can be programmed.

The standard version of the PreciFluid allows fluid metering in 3cc, 5cc, 10cc, 30cc. Its revolutionary technology offers new application possibilities in the fields of nécessitants very small deposits and strong pushes, all in a pistol as small and light as possible.

  • Exists in 3 types: Standard – Integration Kit – Console
  • Exists in 4 versions: 3cc, 5cc, 10cc and 30cc
  • Minimum volume is going until 0.06 micro liters
  • Pushing capacity is going higher than 500,000 cps
  • Instinctive use
  • Programmable sequences
  • Indoor use
  • Temperature 0 ° to 40 ° C
  • Adaptable to 2.5 oz cartridges on demand
  • Resistant fixing of the screw step by step using a magnetic system Solid conception in anodized aluminum
  • Anodized aluminum design
  • Weights less than 100gr
  • All Precidrop consumables are provided
  • Length gun 17.2 cm
  • Gun Weight 83.4 gr
  • Cable Length 84.2 cm
  • Consistent volumetric dispensing
  • Compensation of the viscous variations
  • Regular and smooth linear movement
  • No separation of complex fluids
  • Programmable dispensing speed
  • Manual ergonomic/automatic gun
  • No separation or warming-up
  • No shocks or pressured air
  • Consistent and regular pushing
  • Optimal repetitiveness
  • Certified without silicone
  • Maximal flexibility
  • Patented system
  • Instinctive Touch control
  • Programmable sequences of fluid metering
  • Robust design
  • Patented system
  • PreciFluid Gun
  • Attach System DropLock
  • Case DropTube
  • Syringe Barrel Drop
  • Piston PistonDrop
  • Needles DropTips
  • Cable DropLink
  • Support Gun DropDock
  • Finger Switch FingerDrop