BarrelDrop - Seringue

Syringe of dosing BarrelDrop



Compatible with the dispensers of the Precifluid® range, BarrelDrop® syringes 100% Made in Europe are designed for high performance. The specificity of these syringes lies in their rounded top, which allows a perfect assembly with the PistonDrop® to ensure precise and homogeneous fluid deposits.

Available in 3cc, 5cc, 10cc, 30cc and 55cc, they are certified silicone-free and are available in several models:

  • Clear for general use, they are ideal for all assembly fluids, with the exception of light-sensitive products.
  • Amber for fluids that cross-link to light but allow for control of fluid levels,
  • Black to ensure total light blockage.

Dispensing syringes are a critical component of your dispensing. Unlike competitive brands, our dispensing syringes are certified silicone-free and have precise proportions that are easy to recognize. Their inner diameter and length are programmed to strict tolerances.

With no imperfections or contaminants, the perfectly smooth BarrelDrop OPTI syringes provide fast, accurate dispensing with no fluid waste. The rounded shape improves fluid flow and minimizes turbulence and shearing during filling and dispensing. This allows a free, laminar flow of fluid, with no voids that could trap air in.

This conical shape eliminates fluid loss during dispensing and filling applications.

Available in bulks and boxes.

PistonDrop® Volumetric Pistons


Compatible with the Precifluid volumetric dispenser, the PistonDrop® provide optimum thrust of your fluid, contained in the BarrelDrop®. They have a metallic insert that allows a magnetic attachment to the gun for a maximum performance.

Attention! A new red 3cc piston has been created especially for Precifluid dispenser’s use, which is optimized and more adjusted for a better and more stable dispense.

The Made in Europe DropPistons are moulded to strict tolerances for a smooth flow and uniform movement of the piston inside the syringe.

Only compatible with the Precifluid dispenser.

!! IMPORTANT !! Cannot be sold separately, has to be purchased per batch of OPTI syringe with PistonDrop matched

Opti Pistons


Compatible with our Precifluid Easy and pneumatic dispensers, our Opti pistons are certified silicone free and 100% Made in Europe.

Compatible with our syringes 100% Made in Europe, they are available in 3, 5, 10 and 30/55cc.

Available in bulks and boxes.

piston opti

End Cap


Compatible with the OPTI syringes, the end caps protect the contents of the syringe by making it completely airtight and shockproof during transportation and storage.

End caps fit our 3cc, 5cc, 10cc, 30cc and 55c syringes.


Three Seal Tip Caps


Our blue three seal tip caps are available in one size that fits all sizes of syringes OPTI.

It protects the contents of the syringe by making it completely airtight and shockproof during transportation and storage.

three seal tip cap

Dispensing Needle Tips


Wide range of needle tips available – different types, sizes and materials. PreciFluid’s silicone-free needle tips allow precise and uniform dispensing for all your applications.

Syringe Adapter


In addition to your time-pressure dispensing system, Precifluid provides syringe adapters of 3, 5, 10 and 30/55 cc. It allows you to connect your syringe to your PNEUMATIC dispenser.

adaptateurs de seringues

Nozzles for SEMCO® cartidges


​A reference for over 50 years in the aeronautic industry, our range of nozzles SEMCO® plastic nozzles is available in its entirety.

​SEMCO® Cartridges


With over 50 years of experience, Semco® cartridges meet all the reference criteria and industrial requirements. They are available in several sizes, in LD or HD.

SEMCO® cartridges

​SEMCO® Spatulas


​SEMCO® Plastic Spatulas are used to apply, remove, and smooth sealants and adhesives. They are available in fluorescent colours for use in low light.

​Static Mixers


Static mixers have different kinds of attachment (bell, socket and bayonet), which makes them very versatile and easy to attach to different types of two-component cartridges, or two-component dispensing machine, such as the PR70, the PRECIDUO in order to get a quick mix …

Static mixers