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PreciFluid Standard

PreciFluid is a high developed technology offering quality dispensing. This volumetric dispenser which is compatible with all types of fluids (from the most liquid to the most viscous types) combines speed and accuracy while keeping a simple and ergonomic structure.
By the motion of a stepping motor which performs a repetitive and controlled movement of a volume, this range goes beyond expectations in terms of pneumatic dispensing systems (at least 7 times more accurate) and allows remarkably more little deposits than volumetric dispensers available on the market, with its minimum volume starting at 0.06 micro liters. This patented dispenser is the only one which guarantees you a volumetric deposit with such accuracy.

Designed and manufactured in Switzerland by PRECI FLUID DISPENSING, the electro-mechanic motion of PreciFluid guarantees an accuracy record regardless the viscous variations of the dispensed fluid.
PreciFluid provides you also a high pushing capacity going beyond 500.000 cps thanks to the torque multiplication.

Download the manuel use

Programmable dispensing speed

Regular and smooth linear movement

Consistent volumetric dispensing

Compensate for variations in viscosity

Patented system

No separation of complex fluids

Ultra-precise deposits

Minimum volume is going until 0.06 micro liters

Strong push

Pushing capacity is going higher than 500,000 cps

Ergonomic design

Weights less than 100gr