The micro-drive system operates by moving a linear stepper motor driving the movement of the product contained in the syringe. Thus, unlike the pneumatic feeders actuated by the air pressure, the dosage from the electronic fluid meter PreciFluid is more efficient in terms of accuracy, speed and repeatability.



In addition to its outstanding performance, the use of PreciFluid still very instinctive. Sequenced by previously recorded programs, its thrust is regular and constant. Simply enter the digital volume and speed at which you want the dosage for the electronic fluid meter loads calculations. More needs to adjust its setting according to the temperature and conditions of the place of dosing.

Enter the volume digitally, the rate at which you want to drop and the fluid metering loads calculations.


As long as the cycle is activated by the pedal or switch, the machine table dispense at a defined speed. When stopped, a drawback can be programmed.


Each pulse (pedal or PLC control finger contact) the dispenser performs a deposition as the saved settings of the active program


A sequence is a series of programs (same or different) spaced a programmable time.

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